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A Video Production Team Adds Value to Your Budget.

The new year is ripe with opportunities, but it also requires making pivotal decisions for your marketing and communications plan—and expenses. Figuring out how to achieve this year’s goals on time and within budget is essential.

Before handing over your project to just anyone, take time to think about your goals and how partnering with a production studio can meet your needs, exceed your expectations and maximize the value of your dollars. These are a few key areas to consider.


We mean YOUR capacity. We know you have little to no extra bandwidth. When you hire a team, you get a producer who holds the team accountable, manages milestones by educating and communicating, and whose job it is to protect your resources. A whole person focused on your needs adds efficiency to the process and increases your satisfaction with the project.


Working with a team brings multiple perspectives to your project. Each person brings unique skills and experiences to the table that let them see things differently, ask the right questions and foster new ideas. Extra brainpower is always great, but this also means you’re rarely going with the first idea which is scientifically a good thing. The quality of inspired solutions emanating from a team of creatives brings a whole new level of value to your project.


Chances are good you’ll have a smoother process with a team because you have more eyes focused on the solution as it evolves. More safety nets. A cross-functional team can accommodate unforeseen circumstances that could arise on your project, often solving them seamlessly. That’s because the burden of each role in a creative video project never rests on the shoulders of one person. A solid and time-tested team process protects the project’s resources.


As you develop content, your raw and completed assets need metadata managed, cataloged, backed up and secured for use on any device or platform in the future. We don’t expect our clients to have the infrastructure to manage hefty assets like Ultra HD video or keep up with the codecs required to view the files. We’ve built redundant infrastructure for our clients—keeping the assets safe, nimble, and reliably available so no one needs to worry about a project living on a portable hard drive on a shelf (or in a messenger bag in the back seat of a car).


We aren’t talking about how many zeros are in a budget. Focusing on cost is the wrong lens through which to view an engagement. Working with a team means you don’t have to be as hands-on with the project. You get to spend your time elsewhere, and we all know time is money. Our goal isn’t to simply develop a 2-minute video for you—it’s to listen to the creative problem that needs a solution, take a deep dive into your market segment, and fully understand the project’s deployment strategy to be able to recommend for or against specific executions. We aren’t merely following your instructions; we’re working with you to ensure you get the most out of your investment.

When your time is already committed, with razor-thin margins for error, you cannot get bogged down in the minutiae of managing one more person. Partner with a team who has your back so you can focus on the big picture, get the most out of your production budget and, most importantly, achieve your goals.


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