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Video Is a Medium for Change

A Variety of Video Capabilities

At Render Studios, we are passionate about creating dynamic, impactful videos that bring your story to life. Our team of talented professionals have the capabilities to handle every step of the production process—from concept to delivery—with the goal of making sure your objective is realized.

Creative Development

A lot goes into creative development to ensure the concept is on point while maintaining budgets and timelines, but it always starts with listening. We take the time to understand you, your brand, your company, and your objectives. With that understanding, we give consult, explore creative options, and begin scripting.


Preproduction saves time, money, and sets the project up for success. It is the map for the road trip and the recipe to the delicious meal. During preproduction, we scout locations, develop shot sheets and storyboards, and build the crew to sure a seamless production. We fuss over the details so you don’t have to.


This is where all the planning pays off. We capture the video according to the shot sheet and shoot schedule, leaving time for magic like the golden hour shot and puppies.


Postproduction is where all the assets of the project are brought into a timeline and we begin to build your final piece. Everything from editing, voice-over, motion graphics, audio sweetening, color grade, and captions happen in one of our edit suites.


Finishing services include color grade and correction, creating visual coherence, audio sweetening, closed captioning, and ensuring your video meets industry quality standards. Like sprinkles on top!


Ensuring you get the right files for your specific use is our top priority. Need a translated or closed-captioned version? We can do that! We put extra eyes on the deliverables and make sure the files for YouTube, social media, the tradeshow video wall, or the movie theater meet the delivery specs.

Our Waterfall Process

The Waterfall model is a sequential process that flows like a waterfall through all phases of a project—discovery, creative, production, post production, quality control, and delivery—with each phase completely wrapping up before the next phase begins.


The success of the Waterfall method depends on the amount and quality of the work done on the front end to ensure there are no surprises along the way!

Awards and Recognition

Let's Work Together

If you like what you see—or more importantly how it made you feel, get in touch! 

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