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What We Value: Making a Difference.

When defining your company’s values, you have to review your business plan and assess your culture to see what principles align with what you’re currently doing and what you aspire to be in the future.

For us at Render, the value of “making a difference” was an obvious choice for our lineup. Individually, we all pour ourselves into the causes we care about in our communities—whether that’s youth band camp, the local soccer team, animal rescues, or community development— and when we come together as a team, we do the same for our clients. We strive for our videos to make a positive impact on our world and we are thrilled when a passionate client shares their “why” with us.

Contributing to a larger, meaningful purpose energizes our team because we care deeply about supporting people and communities. Naming “making a difference” as one of our core values plays a crucial role in fostering a positive internal culture. On top of our overall job satisfaction, this also translates into increased productivity and creativity. Ultimately, that benefits our clients because it leads to an exceptional service experience and end product.

How exactly does this emotional investment impact the work we do with you?

  • Shared visions: Because we genuinely care about your goals, we take time to understand the big picture of your organization, your mission statement, and your overall marketing plan. This shared understanding allows us to create videos that perfectly align with your brand identity and core values, ensuring the biggest impact toward your goals.

  • Creativity: Emotional investment sparks creativity that extends past the creative brief—going above and beyond to create something informed, effective, and memorable.

  • Collaboration: We see ourselves as an extension of your client team, working together to overcome any challenges and find innovative solutions.

  • Quality: Our commitment to making a difference translates to a higher commitment to quality. We take pride in delivering videos that not only meet but exceed expectations because we value the video’s success just as much as you do.

Being a partner who is committed to making a difference for our clients means we truly take your project to heart. For us, your projects are more than just items to check off a task list—they are an opportunity to make a positive impact by helping you achieve your goals. And even after the video is delivered, we’ll be checking in and cheering you on!


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