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Good Enough is Not Good Enough.

Sixty thousand VHS tapes.

Sixty thousand mailers.

Believe it or not, that was what we were delivering per month when Karen joined David 22 years ago.

Think about that. VHS tapes!

Those, of course, eventually morphed into DVDs, which were then phased out for digital files. And ten-minute videos—which used to be a standard short video—have made way for seconds-long bits to grab Twitter-length attention spans.

That’s how much the industry has changed in just 22 years.

Technology changes. Quality shouldn’t.

But sadly, it has. Shaky cellphone videos have become a mainstay of social media. Inexpensive computer apps can allow for fast editing. We’re all content creators now.

It isn’t just our industry where we see it. Even news organizations have started to shed the costly overhead of photo staffs in favor of iPhone videos that can be easily shared on Facebook.

It seems we’re in a “good enough is good enough” era. This breaks our hearts a little because that isn’t how we approach things.

You see, excellence is our standard, and we will never compromise on that. We will never treat something as important as our clients’ image or message like a commodity.

Look, we get it. Clients have more choices today, and price point is one of the deciding factors. And the fact is, we cost more than a start-up who promises Facebook videos for a hundred bucks a piece.

But our clients aren’t buying a commodity. Our clients need way more value at the table. Our clients understand their business outcomes require an investment in strategy, experience, and professionalism from a creative team who are proven experts in their fields.

We don’t just create videos. We craft messaging strategies that will make a difference. We don’t just select color schemes and art direction based on what looks good. We’ve studied the psychology of color and how it impacts outcomes.

The technology of our business has changed, but our commitment to providing the highest quality in video production and communications strategy has not.

We want to work with you if you believe in quality as much as we do.

We know we can do our best work for people who expect more, want change, and value creative integrity.

We want to work with clients who think good enough is not good enough.


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