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We Don’t Want To Be Your Video Vendor.

I know, I know. You’re reading that headline and thinking, “But, I thought video is what you do.”

That’s true. Video is what we do. But we still don’t want to be your vendor.

I’ve talked a lot about how much things have changed in this industry over the course of my career. The relationship between client and vendor has been part of that evolution.

It used to work like this: A client would call with instructions for a video, and our in-house technicians would put it together. Back then, taking directives and pushing buttons was in line with client needs. Order, deliver. Repeat.

But things have changed.

We don’t want to be your vendor because you don’t get partnership out of a purchase order. Creative services are collaborative by nature. Resorting to a PO to initiate work leaves value on the table at best. At worst, you’re opening yourself up to a transactional relationship that lacks trust. That puts your project at risk.

Over the years, we’ve developed better ways to deliver for our clients, and it boils down to being an excellent partner. We all do our best work when we collaborate for your success.

What does it mean to work with a great creative partner?

It means you have an objective, and we have the strategic, creative, and artistic expertise to help you meet that objective. It means you have a budget, and we help you leverage your resources. It means you are the experts on your content matter, and we are the experts on giving it a voice.

Being a true partner means when the project faces challenges, we have your back. You see, things change during a project—new data is presented, a key interview falls through, or exciting opportunities present themselves. We address changes directly and come to the table with solutions. We all succeed when we walk through the creative process together.

Our clients are taking on big initiatives that require experts partnering at a trusted and strategic level. For instance, we’re working with a national association in need of innovative tactics to better articulate their value. They’re seeking ways to demonstrate their members’ growing significance in the larger industry while growing the association’s membership. They’re also celebrating a historic milestone. That’s a heavy lift for a video vendor. But as a partner, we’re able to address each marketing KPI by deploying a video throughout their content calendar—while filming in one cycle at the beginning of the year.

Another project pairs us with a federal agency challenging mission lenders to be innovative in their own industries while working with small businesses to support economic development nationwide. Those are two big tasks to balance, and it takes a strong partnership to align the messaging.

Our expertise in developing video content allows us to assist our clients in achieving these objectives, and we wouldn’t have that opportunity if we merely acted as vendors. Partnership opens that door.

Really, the greatest compliment we ever receive is when a client calls us their partner. We’d love to be yours.


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