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Art Direction: Turning Creativity Up to 11.

When you think of summer, what colors, textures, objects, sounds, and emotions come to mind?

Maybe it’s bright blue skies, sand between your toes, the smell of sunscreen, and drinking out of a coconut.

But it could also be hiking a Pure Michigan trail, pitching a tent under the stars, and roasting marshmallows over a glowing campfire.

There are endless imaginable combinations of summer, and each feels slightly different, depending on who you are.

Just like there are endless ways for an art director to approach a video project.

What is art direction?

At its core, art direction is the organization and execution of visual themes, ideas, and processes.

Art directors are responsible for defining all the visual elements in a project, including location and filming aesthetics, graphics and editing styles, as well as color and music. They collaborate with the creative team to make specific technical decisions regarding the tone and visual style of the piece.

They build their artistic plan around your organization—taking your brand, values, objectives, and goals into account, transforming them into compelling visual and emotional elements.

For example, we recently had the pleasure of working with the Consortium of Michigan Veteran Educators to produce a series of videos showing real-life success stories of veterans pursuing a college education.

The art direction was built around vulnerability and authenticity. Wide, full-body shots of the veterans in their daily environments, paired with a soft, light color grade achieved a sense of relatability and hope. It made viewers feel as though they could earn a college degree, too.

To put it simply, art directors make creative better.

Well-thought-out art direction enhances your message and helps communicate it to the audience. Even without your name or logo, the video feels like your organization because it aligns with your visual identity in a consistent manner.

When you have an art director on your video production team, you know that all aspects of your organization and project are being considered. Visual elements are not chosen simply because they’re convenient—each choice is made with intention based on your needs. In the end, your video is personally crafted to meet (and exceed) your goals.


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