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Small Studios Have Bigger Hearts.

It doesn’t matter if you’re the CEO, executive director, or the VP of marketing at your organization, you work tirelessly to ensure your strategic business objectives are achieved. While you’re focusing on the multimillion-dollar fund development campaign or devising a strategy around membership recruitment and retention, you deserve to partner with a company that has the skills to support your objectives and the talent to execute the plan. But don’t you want your partner to care about your outcome just as much as you do?

Throughout our history, we’ve intentionally stayed small. We started in 1981 as a staff of 2, and today we’re a team of 5. We believe our best work is done when we sit face to face and ask each other tough questions. As a small business, we know that kind of intimacy creates purposeful, thoughtful work. We push each other and ourselves to create content we’re proud of because our clients know us as individuals, not a monolithic company.

Occasionally, big-brand clients will question our capacity to manage their requirements. Our answer? Being small means we’re flexible and can quickly adapt to a client’s need. Because innovation and creativity are critical elements of our own business success, we enjoy tackling the challenges our clients bring to our studio and, as a team, we celebrate a job well done.

Individually, we bring new ideas to the table weekly. We harness our individual and collective talents and skills to find the most effective (albeit sometimes nontraditional) solutions for our clients. Frankly, being small means we require big talent because we cannot hide mediocrity in our overhead.

Beyond that, each of us craves purposeful work to pour our hearts into. Our skills and talents help make every project shine, but it’s our hearts that help forge a deeper relationship with our clients, pushing us to go above and beyond. We care deeply about creating results for our clients.

A good example of this is a series of videos we created with the Consortium of Michigan Veteran Educators.

The CMVE is a statewide network to improve support for veteran and military-connected students. Members of the consortium focus on ensuring veterans enrolled in Michigan’s public postsecondary institutions receive the support they need to successfully complete a credential that will lead to gainful employment and productive lives.

CMVE approached Render Studios near the conclusion of their piloted phase because they needed their voice to be heard. Their collective success stories needed to be leveraged into additional marketing exposure. The plan to tell student veteran success stories was created to speak to veterans across the country who were looking for an institution to call home and to continue to grow veteran benefits and services at Michigan’s public institutions.

Our skills and talent could successfully produce four student success stories with little extra effort; however, the preliminary stories we heard from the veterans touched our hearts. We dug deeper to tell these stories with the right balance of vulnerability, dignity, and hope so veterans’ stories were presented authentically and the possibility that CMVE holds for its mission was clear.

In the end, your video partner can make or break your marketing efforts. Finding a studio that cares about your mission the way YOU do is crucial. The flexibility, talent, and heart from small studios like Render leads to big ideas. Those big ideas can have an immeasurable impact on your organization and the people you serve.


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