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Aperol Spritz

Client: The Speak Easy Podcast

A Refreshing Partnership

The Speak Easy Podcast is a collaboration between Render Studios and Redhead Creative Consultancy. The owners of the respective companies are the podcast co-hosts while their collective teams manage the technical side of podcasting, photography, video production, website development and updates, and social media marketing. 


The Co-hosts, Jen + Karen sip a cocktail during each episode (recipes shared as well) and have honest conversations about leadership and sanity in the creative industry. The brand is sophisticated and the tone is expert with room for each of the co-hosts personalities to come through. Therefore, the photography and video match. 


What started out as a way for boss lady friends to be an ear for one another has evolved into a well-oiled collab between two creative teams. Cheers to that!

Awards and Recognition

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