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Artist Profile: David Such

Client: Nelson Gallery

The Path of an Artist

When an artist launches a new show at a gallery, there is always a written statement that anchors the theme of the show. In the case of “Throughlines: David Such,” Nelson Gallery wanted the collection to come to life and connect to the audience. What better way than video to capture the essence of the artist’s statement? By hearing directly from the artist and glimpsing his studio and process, the viewer is able to gain a deeper understanding of the art. “Throughlines” presents a decade of David’s life through art, and this video companion to his artist statement aims to capture the heart, soul, and artistry that went into each piece.

Life is made up of comings and goings, and the critical moments when these paths cross. In his exhibition, "Throughlines," artist David Such presents the varied emotions associated with connection, from extraordinary kismet to ill-favored consequences. His pieces incorporate a number of mediums, such as steel, water-based oil paint, walnut wood, cherry wood, copper, epoxy, plexiglass, and oil pastels. David’s paintings and sculptures were created over a 10-year period and document the various intersections that result from a decade in the life.

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