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What We Cover

Client: America's Preferred Home Warranty

The Right Coverage

America’s Preferred Home Warranty helps homeowners protect their essential home systems and appliances with their warranty plans that go beyond typical home insurance policies. This video was created to help explain the coverage that APHW offers.


We needed to illustrate both the importance of having coverage and the range of items covered in this video. It was clear from the beginning that animation would be the best choice because it allows us to simplify these concepts and show them in a clear, concise way. By showing multiple home appliances malfunctioning at once in an over-the-top manner, we were able to give examples of items that are covered in the warranties and emphasize the stress and inconvenience typically associated with home systems and appliances failing. The scenes that feature the cross-section of the house give viewers a quick and visual description of how broad the coverage really is—reaching every room in your home.

This is Hannah

The real star of this piece, however, is the homeowner. Choosing animation gave us the opportunity to handcraft our main character to be exactly who we needed her to be. After a few iterations, we created Hannah—a relatable, believable, and grounded character. Giving life and a human connection to the other visuals helps the audience connect to the message and see themselves in Hannah’s position.


Hannah was so loved by the client they had us develop a series of videos showcasing her homeownership journey.

Going Social

While working with the client’s NYC-based advertising agency on the social campaign, we learned they wanted to give life to the common pain points for consumers without warranties. Using the theme “Homes have problems. We have coverage,” we developed a set of animations that give personality to the broken systems in a home. By leveraging existing assets, the social media campaign came together efficiently for the client. 

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